You’ve set your media targets and perfected the outreach plan; now it’s time to get into the trenches and actually pitch the story. First step is choosing that perfect email subject line. Don’t overlook its importance, because as the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. If an email never gets read, no matter how great the pitch, the effort is a fail.

Here are some simple guidelines:

  • no more than 10 words
  • lead with big names or big products (doesn’t have to include the company name)
  • get to the point, creativity isn’t always good
  • even if something isn’t launching that day, make it sound newsy (like launching and not to launch)
  • don’t worry about being controversial (such as “Proof Twitter Commerce is Failing”)
  • tie to bigger themes (such as a LinkedIn hijacking, Facebook commerce, etc.)

Good example: Twitter Commerce Platform Chirpify Secures Financing  Bad example: Social Commerce Platform Chirpify Secures Financing

Good example: Microsoft’s Cloud Gets Boost; SkyKick Launches One Button Office 365 Migration  Bad example:  SkyKick Enables Office 365 Migrations

Good example: Google/YouTube/Rumblefish Announcement  Bad example: Video Getting More Social With New Rumblefish Offering