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Our team

At its core, Voxus PR is a team of storytellers that will help you uncover the narrative threads you didn’t even know you had, and turn them into content you don’t have the time to create. Then we’ll take those stories to market, with a compelling call to action and track leads all the way back to you.

Sure, contacts matter. And we’re good at building media relationships. But the reporter or publication covering your market today may be gone tomorrow.

That’s why we focus on ideas.

We’ll put you in the context of the major forces and trends shaping your industry. We’ll position your company and its leaders as thoughtful visionaries. We’ll spread the word about the momentum you’ve built with customers and partners. We’ll make your products look like the next big thing, so they can BE the next big thing.

Whether you need corporate or product PR, advocacy or crisis communications, executive visibility or guerilla outreach, we’ve got you covered.

Paul Forecki
Managing Partner

Justin Hall
Managing Partner

Kevin Pedraja
Managing Partner

Janet Brooks
Senior Manager

Danielle Capers
Program Executive

Anthony Cogswell
Program Director

Chris Edwards
Ops Director

Robyn Posey
Program Executive

Steve Smith
Program Director

Austin Williams
Program Director