Even Voxus clients sometimes are not in a position to share interesting and timely news regarding business and product developments.  Let’s face it: the editorial test for what constitutes news these days is pretty high.  Despite the glut, marketing executives continue to feel the pressure to keep their companies in the media spotlight.  Some even settle for sending announcements that contain little value and are immediately deleted by overloaded editors on tight deadlines.

There is another alternative to compromising your chances for coverage by sending editors questionable content — an editorial background briefing.  Most companies are very knowledgeable about their industries; you may not even realize how valuable that insight can be to editors responsible for staying on top of the latest trends and future developments.

For example, let’s return to the client that has no company news but can help an editor understand how the major industry players are preparing to launch a new technology.  Keep an eye out for a story on the subject.  Armed with the recent news and your perspective, it’s time to request a phone meeting.  When ready, here are some tips to help maximize success:

  • Focus on News – Reference the recent news in the subject line of your email, then the opportunity to receive your company analysis.  If the news focuses on how the two biggest companies in your space are preparing to deploy a new technology, consider this subject line: Phone briefing request-X, Y Deployment Strategies- Analysis from (Your Company)
  • Get to the Point – The first paragraph should focus on how your spokesperson can add valuable insight to the subject and then ask if the editor is interested in scheduling a phone interview.
  • Drop Big Names – The second paragraph should focus on how you work together with big name customers, vendors and partners to help solve the latest industry challenges.  Don’t be afraid to name drop.  It could be the credibility needed to catch an editor’s attention.

Conducting background editorial meetings is a great way to position your company as an industry source on a quarterly basis.  You might be surprised at how much exposure can result from your efforts.