It’s hard to believe we’re already nearing another year’s end. While a lot of companies tend to get quiet in November and December, Voxus likes to keep its clients’ parties going by using a number of different tactics to engage with press and analysts throughout the holiday period. In a time typically devoid of big company announcements, here are some ways to keep stakeholder interest high that don’t require any news whatsoever.

October is a great time to reach out to your top ten press contacts to learn more about “year in review” or “New Year predictions” articles they may be planning. Work with your company’s team in advance to boil down what progress, challenges and opportunities your business has uncovered in the past 12 months.  Don’t be afraid to be bold: sharing lessons learned will give your company a human feel that customers can relate to, while simultaneously positioning your business as a thought leader.

Whatever it is you’d like to share, be prepared to provide not only anecdotal information and insights, but also data, customers, partners, survey findings and more to validate your conclusions.

Some other ways to keep the rest of the year raving on is by catching up with your analyst contacts to recap the successes you’ve had, discuss your plans for 2015 and learn more about their research agendas and how you can contribute. With most analysts working about two months out, you should work now to secure briefings for November and December.

Finally, don’t forget about placing contributed content that will inform your target buyers on what they need to know as they plan their budgets for 2015 and beyond. Are there coming regulations, protocols or other events that will impact their spending? What about failed approaches they should avoid and learn from?

Taking the time to break down what IT teams should focus on to be successful in 2015 will further position your business as an authority.

By leveraging the above opportunities, companies can keep the PR party going during the typically lean winter holiday period. But remember, PR should never be just about throwing a party, but rather deliberately connecting with key stakeholders to discuss the right topics at the right times. Like clockwork, the end of the year is an especially opportune time to do so.