Even the simplest idea gains value when it’s presented well. The driest Excel report will benefit from a cool color scheme, photo or infoicon graphic. Here are seven online storehouses of free designer resources, tools, fonts, photos and tricks.

Gridzzly lets you make custom gridded paper that adds accuracy and scale to even a scribbled image. Choose dots, lines, boxes, even honeycomb hexagons to organize your sketches or diagrams.

Fribble is like a free gift shop of psd (Photoshop) elements for mockups, websites, icons and patterns. Professional hands holding iPhone templates are handy, enjoy a vector art cup of coffee, the list goes on.

Subtlepatterns is that. The list of free titles is like poetry: Cuckoo footprint, dark sharp edges, nice snow, knitted sweater, Otis Redding. All with notes from their contributors. Almost 400 subtle patterns.

Social Kit gives you customizeable psd templates for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google for cover and profile pictures, ad banners and social buttons. Simple, fast and free, there’s “no need for extensive descriptions at all.”

life-guard-on-duty-1444693-s Free Images is what you might expect. It is not a political movement, it is a collection of photos and graphics that’s safe for reuse, with standard restrictions and rules.

Mock Up Zone is a collection of free iPhone, iPad, MacBook, T-shirt and Art Equipments Scene Generator mock ups. Freebie versions plus cheapie full-resolution upgrades. It’s hosted on Facebook, written in ESL.

Tuts+ is free tutorials from beginning to expert. Learn how to create custom smoke, sketch cartoons or master perspective, the how-to videos are all here for drawing, vector, and PhotoShop. It’s like free art school. newyorkcity-scottbiersack-FinalProduct

Add to your creative toolbox with these free resources.