If you were to overhear some of our planning discussions here at Voxus, you might think we’re chefs. We routinely talk about adding “flavor” or “spice” to content that’s missing that special something. We also talk about “slicing and dicing” and “deconstructing” materials that sit before us. And don’t forget about all the work we do to bring a “raw” idea into a “fully baked” state. Just like a chef in the kitchen, we need to be creative with the ingredients we have to work with.

Take a case study as an example of creative content marketing. Once in final form, it can go in a press kit, on the web site or into Salesforce. But with Voxus, it doesn’t stop there. We’ll suggest a half-dozen or so other preparations ideas, such as:

  • Blog/Social – Provide your readers a teaser post that links to the full download. Tease out the post on all your social channels.
  • Contributed Article – Take the original piece and turn it into an article for a tier one publication.
  • Speaker Panel – Create a short 250-word speaker panel abstract that a conference organizer can’t resist.
  • Award – For award competitions that will hold certain details under NDA, disclose “off the record” facts to win the judge’s approval.
  • eBook– Create an ebook that turns your customer’s story into repeatable guide to success.
  • Video – Let your customer describe their experiences with your product in their own words.

Whether you have an analyst report, survey or other story on your plate, spend some time thinking of all the ways you can seed the content into the marketplace. From social ads to webinars and LinkedIn discussions, you should layer together several targeted approaches to get in front of and touch your audience.