Social media has become a hotbed of PR activity for companies seeking mass exposure…is live video the next big frontier for public relations campaigns to conquer?

Voxus client Brandlive recently authored an eye-opening article for Ragan’s PR Daily that hits on this very notion, and we think it’s worth sharing.

The premise makes sense, especially in light of the heavy buzz surrounding the launch of Meerkat and Periscope. Since these consumer-focused live video apps appeared on the scene, pundits have speculated on their potential for marketing purposes.

From a PR perspective, live video offers many advantages over pre-recorded video, and, as the article explains, the benefits include more authenticity, immediacy, interactivity and viewer engagement.

To fully take advantage of live video, however, PR firms, and their clients who are accustomed to working only with pre-recorded video, will have to learn how to pivot. The article offers some great tips on how to do that, including how to form a “live streaming video center of excellence.”

And as if all that weren’t enough, Brandlive manages to weave in one of our favorite board games as a metaphor for the impending live video land grab. Read the article and see what we mean…