This month, I did something I’ve only done three times before as an adult. I started a new job.

I’ve been lucky, the last two places I’ve been, I’ve stayed more than seven years. But that means I have to do some of my own PR… a place that is not the most comfortable for me. So I’ve put together a few rules, and am trying really hard to stick to them.

1) This is a great time to reinvent yourself. This can be as small as building new habits… bringing lunch every day, or riding the bus to work, or as big as a whole new look. But if you’ve been in any kind of rut, a new place (or new team, or even new product launch) can allow you to be who you want to be.


2) Do you. Although it’s a great time to get out of a rut, you don’t want to lose yourself. It can be easy to just assimilate into your new role, but remember, there’s a reason why you’re there. Bring your experience, your voice, your talent with you.

3) Listen to learn. I’ve said this to my 12 year old son many times, but when you’re thinking too hard about what you want to say next, you miss what other people are saying. There is something that you can learn, from everyone, if you only listen.

4) Step up. Once you’ve listened, you have to speak up. Take action. You should both learn and teach.

And finally…

5) Don’t expect perfection. If you spend all of your time trying to be perfect, you’ll never move forward. Be good, really, really good. But know that no matter what you do, you can always work with your team to get better.