When it comes to social media, it’s the consumer’s world and we’re just living it. From promoting a sale to featuring beautiful product photos, it seems that the majority of social strategy tips revolve around getting consumers engaged. But what’s a B2B company to do?

While differing from consumer-oriented social, B2B businesses can also tweet and post their way to engaging content. Sharing a mix of valuable or interesting content like industry trends, announcements and about company culture can result in more engagements and a bigger following. Posting the right content to the right social channels can generate more awareness and even support business goals.

At Voxus PR, we manage the social programs for a number of B2B clients, and have uncovered what content performs best on each platform. Here we outline the best performing B2B content on the big three platforms – LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


LinkedIn is a business-oriented social channel and most likely your most important. The platform is home to professionals, and they’re interested in “news they can use.” This means posting content that can help them professionally. Top performing content typically includes:

  • Industry trends and best practices
  • Useful articles
  • Reports
  • Company announcements
  • Job openings


Twitter is likely your second most important channel. This is the best platform for engaging with others – such as partnering businesses, customers and influencers. For this reason, jump into conversations applicable to your industry by using relevant hashtags. Use Twitter handles to interact with a partner or customer. Rather than focusing on specific content types, try these best practices:

  • Tweet at partnering businesses and customers
  • If attending an event, include its hashtag and/or organizers’ handles
  • Jump into online conversations using relevant trending hashtags
  • Focus on multimedia, posting images, videos and/or infographics

A wide array of content performs well on Twitter. Feel free to serve up a smorgasbord of posts – announcements, videos and photos, reports, blog posts, white papers, etc. Essentially, if you have it share it.


Facebook is where you have the best opportunity to showcase the human side of your brand. On this platform highlight company culture and activities. As a more casual platform, play around with sharing fun content to pique the interest of followers. Whatever your content, just be sure to pair it with a visual or photos. Recommended posts include:

  • Company culture (for example, team outings or lunches)
  • Events
  • Holidays
  • Company announcements
  • Timely articles around trending topics

Performance of these content types may vary depending on your industry and specific audience. Given this, always experiment with different content types and measure performance to see what works best. However, what’s most important is staying active, posting regularly, and providing some sort of value to your followers. If you follow this, you’ll likely see the number of engagements and your audience grow.