It’s been a wet Christmas, not a white Christmas, in Seattle and Tacoma, but nothing could dampen Voxus PR’s spirit during its annual Holiday Party.

This year’s festivities took place at the Pacific Grill in downtown Tacoma, where Voxus employees gathered for lunch, laughs and, most importantly, the White Elephant gift exchange.

For the uninitiated, White Elephant participants wrap up an unwanted (usually for good reason) gift and place it in a pile of mystery presents. One by one, players pick a package, open it and discover what they have won—except players who haven’t taken a turn yet can steal the prize if they want it, forcing the other person to pick again.

Voxus’ White Elephant tradition has garnered a reputation for its take-no-prisoners ruthlessness, with employees repeatedly stealing the best gifts only to leave others with items even less desirable than your grandmother’s fruitcake.

Case in point: someone got stuck with this murderous-looking glass clown sculpture that will destroy any merry visions of dancing sugar plums and haunt your nightmares forever.


Undoubtedly, Voxus’ most infamous gift is this wooden bird chime, which has repeatedly found its way back to the White Elephant exchange every single year as employees continue to recycle it over and over again. Its newest reluctant recipient, Chris, already has it hanging in his office.

bird chime

Employees also competed in a holiday movie quiz, and were later awarded the company’s annual Voxies – basically, our own version of the Dundies from The Office (but less offensive… slightly).

And now, with the holidays in full swing, Voxus is preparing to ring in the new year with a renewed commitment to excellence. We wish you the happiest of holidays, and a prosperous 2016!