2015 was a great year for social media and the year that businesses took notice of how powerful and essential these communication channels can really be in achieving business goals. For 2016, here’s a look at the top three things to consider to help strengthen your social media marketing efforts for this year.

  1. Employee advocacy

What better way to amplify your message than through the voice of your employees? Aside from the increase in audience reach, your message comes from what many users consider a more trustworthy    source. In 2016, create an employee advocacy program and let your employees tell your story. Some great tips on how to turn your employees into brand advocates and get them involved can be found here.

  1. Social media advertising media-spend

As organic reach continues to decline, advertisers are looking to paid social as a way to reach and engage with their audience. In fact, social ad spending is predicted to grow by $24.2 billion this year. After all, you can create the most compelling and engaging content out there, but it can have zero impact if it’s not reaching and getting in front of the right folks.

  1. Mobile

Today, billions of users are accessing social media via their mobile devices. Facebook has 1.39 billion mobile monthly active users and for Twitter, 80 percent of its active users come from mobile. For 2016, make sure your content and images look good on mobile devices. Equally important, the landing pages and webpages you are directing users to need to be optimized for mobile as well.