No two Voxus PR programs are identical. Each client has their own wants and needs. However, each team does follow the same formula for success. So, if you’re contemplating a PR program or want better return from your PR spend in 2016, consider these five ways the Voxus team works with their clients to reach success:

Detail Objectives: I’m not a big fan of yearly plans. Activities change too often, so I opt for quarterly projections. This exercise is a client’s chance to articulate exactly what they want using quantitative and qualitative metrics. You want to double your Twitter following? Say so. You want to be a thought leader in your industry? Describe what that looks like.

Measure Often: Measuring success regularly is essential for understanding if your approaches are working. Measurement docs can take any form: ppt, word doc or xls. What matters is that the numbers speak to you (and anyone else that you report to on a regular basis). Maybe key message pickup in clips is a better sign of success than impression numbers?

Meet Regularly: Meeting weekly or more is typically what’s needed to keep a $5K or larger client program on track. We like to start with an agenda and send action items after each call. Making sure everyone is on the same page makes the program run much more effectively and there’s also never a question of who is working on what.

Consider New Approaches:  PR programs are not meant to be static (another reason I like quarterly PR plans). The program needs to evolve and be challenged. Be open to new approaches that will get you the results you’re looking for. Remember, you can always test out something new, like Facebook ads, before committing to it for the long haul.

Tell it Like it Is: If you don’t like something, say so. Whether it’s a different opinion regarding priorities, a pitch angle or something else, it’s important to work it out in real time. This kind of collaboration is oftentimes where we come up with our best solutions. By the same token, say when you do like something (we can make plans to do more of it!).

There’s no better feeling than when your agency “gets you.” We like to think we get to this happy place a little more quickly thanks to our senior team members’ decades of experience and these tried and true approaches to program success.