If you’re tired of Star Wars, you should probably stop reading this now.

I get it. It’s been two months since the premiere and Star Wars is still having a moment. And not just at the box office (yes it’s still in theaters), the Internet is packed full of reviews, commentary, advertising, memes, quizzes, etc. and it’s still dominating all social media feeds. The Star Wars buzz can get overwhelming and maybe even annoying at this point, so we decided to filter through the pile and pick out some of the best, most entertaining Internet and social media Star Wars moments that are worth your time:

The continuous Twitter feud between Very Lonely Luke and Emo Kylo Ren:

These two hilarious Twitter accounts gained over a million followers in a matter of weeks and have also received a huge amount of press coverage about their snarky rivalry. If Disney’s social media team planned out these comedic Twitter handles, then we applaud them, if not then Disney needs to give both of these social media entertainers a big hug.

So many memes:

View post on imgur.com

View post on imgur.com

There are a ridiculous amount of Star Wars memes out there so it was honestly hard to choose a favorite, these are a couple of the most popular. But if you’re looking for more, Star Wars Memes now has its own Facebook page.

Don’t forget about Star Wars Bling:

Combining Star Wars and a little pop culture in this Vine video resulted in over 151 thousand likes and 61 thousand shares, and counting.

SNL’s Kylo Ren Undercover Boss:

Kylo Ren goes undercover to learn more about his employees in this hilarious SNL skit. It’s received almost 15 million views.

Make sure to watch the outtakes too:

Disney has reportedly spent less on marketing Star Wars: The Force Awakens than they might spend on other blockbuster movies, and we can see why. The Star Wars movie franchise juggernaut not only has its own unique brand recognition, but it also appeals to a mass audience spanning multiple generations. So it’s no surprise that there’s been a huge saturation across social media and that the movie’s best moments online have been created organically by their own fans.

Is it December 2017 yet?