When you think of security predictions, you may think they are boring, tedious and just ,well, predictable. From a social media perspective, that’s just not true. And here’s why.

The situation

Leadership at WatchGuard looked to Voxus to create a social media campaign with two goals in mind: 1) heighten awareness of its 2016 security predictions and 2) bolster engagement on its social media channels. Sure, we did your traditional press release (and a webinar, too), but on social media, we used the power of video to tell WatchGuard’s story in the most compelling way.

Our approach

WatchGuard had 10 security predictions and each day, we released one of them, leading up to the press release announcement. We pushed out two pieces of content each day on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn—driving folks to the WatchGuard blog and video hosted on YouTube. The team also leveraged sponsored updates and promoted content, which judging by the results, paid off big time.

What were the results?

60 pieces of content were pushed out across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn over the course of two weeks, and resulted in 3,306 link clicks and 10,794 engagements (likes, shares, comments). Clicks and engagements on the YouTube video were two times higher than the content directing users to the prediction blog. Promoted posts also performed nearly six times better than organic posts across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in the number of total clicks, engagements and audience reach.

You can check out one of WatchGuard’s security predictions videos here (iPhone users—this one is for you!).

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