These days, unless you need to sign something, it’s rare to get a document in print. For convenience, portability and general flexibility digital formats can’t be beat.

But then there are those times when you want to impress somebody.

We recently completed a project for a client who is hard at work raising investment capital. They wanted a leave-behind that embodied their aesthetic and brand. Something that by its look and feel says “this is a premium company with a premium product.”

We helped them convert a pitch deck into a hardbound book that is, if we do say so ourselves, gorgeous. With large format pages, clean, easy-to-understand graphics and bold imagery, it tells the story of the company’s technology, its business strategy and its market potential. See for yourself:

Turning a pitchdeck into print book

Normally, saying something is heavy wouldn’t be a compliment. But in this case, the weight and texture of the book are part of its appeal.

Most importantly, by all accounts it’s been a hit with potential investors.