For every client, there are certain journalists worth investing some extra time in. They’re typically part of your tier 1 list, write stories you enjoy reading and have a big influence on your target customers. What you want to build here is a mutual appreciation with the journalist, where the writer knows who you are, “gets” your company’s value proposition and works that information into their articles frequently. Below are seven tips for reaching this coveted status with key media:

Do your homework

Don’t just read all their stories, follow them on social media. Read their LinkedIn page and remember important bio information.

Be friendly

You attract more bees with honey than with vinegar, so always use a friendly tone. Share, like and comment on what they’re writing.

Meet them

If you’ve had only phone calls previously, make it a point to meet in-person when near their city or at a trade show.

Coordinate an exclusive

Give them something you won’t give any other writer, such as data, a customer or other breaking announcement.

Thank you notes

A personalized thank you email for meetings and coverage is a nice touch. Share your mobile number here and encourage them to reach out when writing in the future. You could send your thanks over LinkedIn too as you add them as a connection.

Respond in a timely manner

Consider all direct emails or phone calls from the writer as urgent. Reporters hate waiting.

Be in touch

Don’t let more than a couple months go between contacts. Reach out with updates or other interesting tidbits to keep the conversation going.

It can be frustrating how often journalists move around these days but that shouldn’t discourage you from getting to know a handful of them really well. If you don’t have any writers in your circle that you’d put in this category, it’s time to reach out and make it happen.