Domain Authority or DA is a critical measure of the effectiveness of your website; it’s a predictor of how well it will rank on search engines based on linking root domains, number of total links and other factors. But did you know that it can help you make better PR and competitive decisions? Here are just three of the ways you can use DA to save time and get better results.

Find out which publications have the greatest reach

DA can help help you understand the influence of a particular outlet when circulation figures and traffic appear to be similar. So, when you need a second opinion on where to place that exclusive or contributed article, hop over to Moz’s FREE DA checker in their Open Web Explorer for the tie-breaker. (It’s important to keep checking scores as they will likely change over time.)

Know which competitors are growing their influence

Sure, you track your competitor’s news and social moves, but do you follow, compare and contrast their DA against your own? DA offers a good measure of their reach versus yours and will also help you track their growth or decline. You may find that competitors you thought didn’t matter much are gaining ground quickly.

Justify the need for new marketing budget

If your company’s DA is lower than your competitors and you need new budget to gain ground, pitch your case to decision makers. Use historical data to explain the urgency and bring your plan of attack with related budget. Over time you’ll be able to show the correlation between the new activity and the higher DA score.

In marketing, we all know numbers talk. Having a grasp on your reach and those around you – publications and competitors – will help you make faster, more informed decisions. Put the Moz Open Web Explorer into your and your team’s daily toolkit today and you’ll see what I’m talking about.