With the wealth of really great bloggers in the U.S., it’s easy to overlook our neighbors to the north. But if you’ve got a consumer product that is applicable to Canadians as well as Americans, that oversight needs to be corrected. Canada has a talented roster of writers that might be persuaded to try your client’s product and, hopefully, help boost sales.

So without further ado, here are three women who write truly entertaining blogs and who are based in Canada. Check them out:

2d858f1 Erica Diamond – she’s a dynamo based in Montreal who is dedicated to inspiring and uniting women.  Her blog, Women on the Fence, was literally created for anyone who has ever been undecided in business, life or love.  From an appearance standpoint, her blog is probably the most commercially appealing — no surprise, since Diamond is an author, life coach and regularly appears on television. She blogs about health, beauty, relationships, careers, parenting and money, and regularly interviews other well-known women on a variety of topics.

karen-kwan-contribs-pic-photo-credit-maryam-siddiqi Karen Kwan – she’s got the freebie thing down cold.  Based in Toronto, Kwan likes to give readers detailed  reviews of mostly health-related products  that usually come with a give-away. Her blog, Healthy Swellness, recently reviewed products from Ocean Spray, Colgate, Saucony and Boodles Gin. She is no exercise fiend, but believes in balanced living.  Her blog is also an entertaining read – she was formerly the editor of a Canadian fitness magazine.

Rachel Tynan-Richards Rachel Tynan-Richards – she started her blog, Better LIVIN, almost 10 years ago to remind herself to have adventures. Based in Alberta, she writes about the outdoors, camping, travel, life, health and nutrition.  Through her photography, she takes her readers along for the ride when she heads out into the wilderness…or into her garden.  She recently quit her 9-to-5 job to head back to school, another section of the blog that appeals to anyone thinking of making a change.  Recently,, her blog has featured a trip to Glacier National Park, home treatment for her dog’s foot pad, and a food festival in Waterton.