The growing number of mobile devices has given us the freedom to access an overabundance of information whenever and wherever we want. This type of accessibility can be a double-edged sword for PR pros. On one hand, it’s great to have a variety of ways to connect with your target audience; however, too much information can be a distraction. So the real challenge becomes how to create content that will keep your audience engaged.

Here are a few ways to help maintain your audience’s focus:


We’ve all been guilty of casually skimming an article until we reach the easy-to-consume bullets or “Top 5” list. Listicles are a popular way to keep your audience engaged and reading your content. Just make sure to include your main message within the listicle so that the “skimmers” read it, too.

All the visuals

Visual elements can be just as important as the content. Incorporate an eye-catching visual to help keep all eyes on your content. If you’re creating a lighthearted piece, then you could even include a giph or a meme.

Short and sweet

Keep your audience engaged with valuable, yet concise information. Too many rambling details could quickly turn off your readers.

Are you still reading? Congratulations, you’ve read this entire blog post. Give yourself a pat on the back and feel free to get back to watching your cat videos.