More often than not, if you work at a PR agency, you probably work on more than one client account. This is a very common practice and it makes for an exciting, fast-paced work environment. Here at Voxus, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Supporting multiple clients does require you to be quite comfortable with multi-tasking and managing your time wisely. If you don’t have a great way to stay organized, your work could suffer and you’ll quickly find yourself overloaded and behind schedule, with too many moving pieces to manage.

The ultimate goal of PR organization is to be able to know, at all times, what projects are on your plate, when important deadlines will hit and how to prioritize your time to get it all completed, without anything falling through the cracks.

There isn’t one perfect way to stay organized that works for everyone. Whether it’s creating to-do lists (my personal favorite), setting daily reminders, creating an intricate email filing system, color coding or attaching a million post-it notes to your monitor, each PR pro, at some point, goes through the process of identifying what type of organizational tactics works best for them.

Once you find your strategy, continue to make the time to utilize it daily. In the long run, your amazing organizational skills will actually allow you to save time by helping you prioritize and, in turn, boost productivity.

Photo by:  Samuel Zeller