At Voxus, we have a long list of cybersecurity clients, which means we’re plugged into reporters covering that industry. While Voxus lives and breathes what many cybersecurity reporters are writing about, to many it’s not an everyday occurrence. Some of the best ways to get familiar with what these reporters are writing and talking about is to listen to them on Twitter.

So with the RSA Conference coming up next month — subjectively the most prominent cybersecurity event of the year — I thought now might be a better time than ever to take a look at some of the many cybersecurity reporters worth following on Twitter, in no particular order. Some of them I consider the “usuals” that you’ll find on everyone’s lists and some of them I’ll call the “hidden gems” who are either at more niche outlets and/or those at more established outlets with less fanfare.

Kelly Jackson Higgins/Dark Reading











Robert Hackett/Fortune











Brian Krebs/Krebs on Security











Joe Uchill/Axios











Jeff Stone/WSJ











Jennifer Schlesinger/CNBC











Tim Starks/Politico











Why seven? Because this is a very unscientific list (and is no way meant to be a top list) and that’s what I initially came up with. But trust me, the list of cybersecurity reporters to follow is almost endless. Want to learn about others? We’d love to hear from you.