Coming up with content ideas for social media isn’t always easy. While some weeks you may be flooded with product announcements and delightfully relevant gifs to post, other weeks you are left feeling like every idea is a stretch. If you are heading into what you know will be a dreadfully light content week, then check out this list of 50 content ideas.

Company updates

Your followers are interested in what’s going on with your company – that’s why they followed you. If you have anything new on the horizon now is the time to share it! New activities might include:

  1. Company news – New office location, new hire, new partnership, new product, etc.
  2. Company event – Hosting a fundraising event? A customer appreciation event? A class? Share it.
  3. Team pictures – People like working with other people. Don’t be afraid to humanize your brand and show the great work that your employees are doing.
  4. Job openings – While your primary objective for social may be to gain new followers/leads/customers, it’s also a great place to find prospective employees.
  5. Employee benefits – Going along with job openings, showcasing particularly competitive benefits can be a great way to demonstrate why someone should join your team.
  6. Free trial or demo – Is your product complex and requires some hands-on interaction to better understand it before users commit to a purchase? Offering a free trial or demo is a great way for people to ease into the decision-making process.
  7. Employee shout out – You have a great company with people working hard to accomplish your mission, so why not write an employee profile and give those hard workers a shout out?
  8. Sustainability initiatives – Is your company taking on any interesting sustainability efforts? Share it with your followers! Or even try asking them what your next sustainability initiative should be.
  9. A behind the scenes look – Give in to your followers’ desire to be in the know and provide a sneak peek of what goes on behind the scenes at your company.
  10. Award announcement – Has your company been awarded a best place to work? Has it received a product award? Or a sustainability award? That’s something to be proud of and is definitely share-worthy.
  11. New product features – Whether it’s developing new functionality for an existing product or making improvements to existing features, tell your followers about it.
  12. Trade shows – Give your followers plenty of notice about your presence at a trade show – exhibiting or speaking – and you just might see them there.
  13. Company study/report – Has your company done any recent research? Share your findings across your social media channels.
  14. Pictures of product being used – Help your followers envision themselves using your product by sharing a photo of it in use.

Educational content

Your followers are up to date on all the latest happenings at your company. While that’s great, you’ll also want to make sure to include a healthy mix of educational content so your followers have some key takeaways on how to improve their businesses.

  1. Blog post – This is an obvious one – but if you are writing great content, share it.
  2. Webinar – If you have an upcoming webinar, increase the attendance by promoting it across your social channels.
  3. eBook – Sharing your eBook is a great opportunity for lead generation. Just make sure that the link you share on social goes to a landing page with an easy-to-complete form.
  4. White paper – Same thing as the eBook – great lead generation opportunity and an opportunity to share your expertise on a subject.
  5. How-to video – Your followers will appreciate this informative type of content. To delight them even further, try experimenting with how-tos that aren’t directly related to your product.
  6. Podcast – Podcasts are gaining in popularity, so if you can provide information in audio episodes, it’ll be even easier for your followers to engage with your brand on the go.
  7. Blog post turned video – Here is an easy one – turn some existing blog posts into videos to make them more easily digestible.
  8. Infographic – This form of content makes it easier for people to quickly grasp complex ideas. Another benefit? Infographics are very shareable.
  9. Case studies – Find some happy customers and showcase why their experiences were successful.
  10. Evergreen content – These blog posts will make your life a breeze. Evergreen content continues to be relevant long after it’s written, which means you can share it for extended periods of time.
  11. FAQ – If you find yourself getting the same questions from customers over and over again, try posting the question and its answer across social media. Chances are someone else has that same question.
  12. Templates – Do you have documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. that your followers can fill in and use to make their life easier? They will love you for it.
  13. Guides – Offer up some downloadable guides – this can vary from product to organizational – to help your followers and also potentially generate some new leads.
  14. Product use tips – Are there certain tips and tricks that will make your customers’ lives easier when using your product? Share away!
  15. Customer service options – If your company offers a stellar customer service chat feature or 24-hour support, be sure to share that with your followers so they know where to reach you when they need help.

Timely content

Stay current on holidays and events that are happening around you. If your followers are talking about it, you should be, too.

  1. National holiday – Whether it’s a major holiday or an obscure one, like National Take a Hike Day, be a part of the conversation by posting about it on social. Just make sure it is relevant to what your company does.
  2. Event photos – Did your company host an event? Share photos so followers who missed it can see what it was like and also generate some buzz for the next event.
  3. Local picture – Is your company involved in the local community? Take a picture of your employees or product at popular local spots.
  4. Local events – Similar to the above, if a big event is happening locally that is relevant to your business, be sure to attend and share updates about it across social.
  5. Trending hashtags – Take a look at the trending topics and hashtags across platforms to get an understanding of what others are talking about and join in on the conversation.

Entertaining content

Not all of your content has to be serious. If your brand’s tone is more conversational, then sharing entertaining content is a great fit. Your followers will also appreciate the break from educational and company-focused content.

  1. Gif – Posting a gif is great for a quick demonstration or for providing humorous commentary on a common industry problem.
  2. Funny photo – Weave images in wherever you can to create visual interest on your social pages.
  3. Cartoons – There are countless cartoons across varying industries. Find one that is relevant to your space and post new ones as they become available.
  4. Meme – This is another way to use humor to respond to a common issue that those in the industry face.
  5. Interesting industry stat – Do a little digging and see what statistics or facts you can find about your industry. Or better yet, pull a fact from one of your blogs or eBooks.
  6. Quote – Quotes can be a great way to share insight from industry leaders. Just be sure not to quote a competitor.
  7. Time lapse video – Time lapse videos are particularly helpful in providing a little insight into the production of a product or recapping an event.
  8. Slow motion video – Similarly, taking an existing video and slowing it down can give your followers a different perspective.
  9. Poll – Are you looking to get more engagement on your posts? Why not create a poll? Keep it short and sweet and your followers will have a hard time not sharing their opinions.
  10. Question – Similar to a poll, post a question to your social pages – this could be about your product specifically or about a trending topic – to encourage engagement.
  11. Giveaways – Who doesn’t like free things? Try offering a complimentary product, company swag or a service to those who sign up, share, comment, etc.
  12. Caption contest – Has someone at your company captured a hilarious moment that leaves you asking, “What is going on?” Share it across social and ask your followers to write a caption for it. You can even reward the winner with a prize.

Third party content

Generating content is tough, so if you get to the end of this list and you’re still struggling to come up with ideas, try doing a little research on what others are talking about and share their content – just be sure to give them credit by tagging them.

  1. Industry news – What is your go-to news source for information in your industry? Check out their top stories and share the ones that interest you. Not only will this be good content for your social pages, but it will help shape your brand as a thought leader.
  2. User-generated content – Have your customers shared stories or pictures of them using your product or service? That is definitely share-worthy.
  3. Partner content – If you have partners that you do business with, be sure to share their content across your channels. Who knows, they might just return the favor!
  4. Company review – When your customers have great things to say about you, don’t be shy – share it. Your followers will enjoy hearing about your company from someone other than you.

With these social media ideas, you should have plenty to get you started on filling out your content calendar. Need some extra assistance? We’ve got you covered. We’d be happy to develop a social media or content strategy with you.