We hear you loud and clear Buzzfeed, listicles are here to stay.

Listicles, or articles that enumerate a thought, concept or activity, have become a frequently-used editorial format for many major publications as a way to comfort readers’ ever-fading attention spans. These easily digestible little nuggets of information are not a quickly fading trend, but instead, they have become something of a cultural phenomenon. Whether they are just the ideal way to present information so that its easily consumable or designed to be a quick “sugar high” between work emails, readers continue to share, read, and link to listicles.

When appropriate, a PR professional should consider embracing a listicle approach when writing a blog post, creating social media content or even reaching out to press. Here are three things to keep in mind when creating a listicle (yes we created a listicle about listicles):

1. Short and sweet – listicles are short for a reason. Keep your audience engaged with valuable, yet concise information. Too many rambling details could quickly turn off your readers.

2. Use imagery – visual elements can be just as important as content. To earn even more attention for your listicle, make sure to include some high-quality images.

3. Keep it clever, keep it fun – no we’re not advising you to create a listicle full of cute cat GIFS, but the content should take a more relaxed or lighthearted approach.