Football season is in full swing again, and the competition is alive and well in the Voxus office as we compete in our annual fantasy football league. Who will bring home the victory and win the highly coveted bragging rights? Will it be reigning champion Jaci Hendricks or some new blood? As we look to put our colleagues to shame, we will be applying these PR lessons to win our league…and you can, too.

Careful management is a necessity

A PR program has many moving parts. We track everything from extended award deadlines to which publication a reporter now calls home. Without careful monitoring, it’d be very easy for opportunities to slip through the cracks. Similarly, a fantasy football team requires close attention to succeed. Another injury? A four week suspension? Available players can quickly start to dwindle and if you don’t keep an eye on the status of your players, you might be seeing more Ls than Ws.

Bring in something new when you can

At Voxus, we like to think outside the box and find opportunities beyond the existing PR program. Lately, we’ve been expanding our programs by securing podcast interviews and ongoing contributed article columns. A variety of PR activities keeps a program balanced, much like distributed talent in fantasy football keeps a team competitive. Whether or not your team starts out strong, it can become a force to reckon with by adding key players from the waiver wire each week.

Let go of dead ends

There comes a time in a PR program when you need to let certain opportunities go. It could be because a reporter has left his or her publication or you never heard back about a speaking opportunity. It’s important to move on so you can invest your time and resources into opportunities that bring better results. Similarly, there comes a time in fantasy football when you have to let a player go that you’d been holding out hope for all season. It’s never easy dropping a player, especially if you’ve given up a lot to get him (like an early draft pick), but it’s crucial to make room on your roster for players with better production.

With these carefully applied pointers and a little luck, you, too, can win your fantasy football league this year. And to those of us participating in VoxBall 2018, may the best man/woman win!