So much has happened this month. At times, it’s been hard to keep track of all the headlines. But we wanted to take a break from everything going on and celebrate both Women’s History Month and the Women of Voxus. 

Women’s History Month has been around since 1987, although it’s been celebrated long before that, first as a week that coincides with International Women’s Day until Congress declared March as Women’s History Month in 1987. The month of March honors women’s contributions to history, and today we’d like to take some time to celebrate the Women of Voxus and their contributions to our agency. 

Meeting the Women of Voxus

We sat down with some of the Women of Voxus and asked them questions on everything from their favorite book on empowerment to what Women’s History Month means to them. 

It’s no surprise that celebrated author Brené Brown came up multiple times throughout our conversations. Janet Brooks, Senior Marketing & New Business Manager at Voxus suggested the book Dare to Lead by Brown, saying, “This book is full of real life examples and situations we face every day as leaders. It will help you realize areas of opportunity in your own leadership and provides you with the tactical skills you need to assess the issue and lead with courage. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or have decades of experience, this book has something for everyone.” 

Ashley Mann, Program Director at Voxus also mentioned Brown, commenting, “I love Brené Brown and have read all of her books. Her insights have helped me in multiple ways across my professional and personal life.

The Importance of a Mentor

We also asked about the best piece of advice they’ve been given by a female mentor. Danielle Capers, Program Executive at Voxus, said, “Always stand up for yourself and ask for what you deserve.

Robyn Posey, also a Program Executive at Voxus said, “I’ll admit, this is difficult to answer. Not for lack of a good example, but because I’ve received so much great advice from a several women I’ve considered mentors over the years. Then I looked over my laptop and saw the card on my desk that my mom sent me when I was hired on full-time at Voxus. In her note she included a reminder about the importance of creativity and how it can be injected into, and ultimately enhance, everything you do – from writing to problem solving, and so much more. Not only has that been one of the single best pieces of advice for me, but also some of the most meaningful.

How Voxus Encourages Growth

One of the perks of being a boutique agency is the ability to for us to offer each of our employees the opportunity to make a meaningful impact. We encourage everyone to take a seat at the table and speak their mind. 

Voxus gives every employee the ability to fully participate in all aspects of the business, which provides a lot of opportunities for growth that you wouldn’t find at another company. I learn every day from all of my Voxus colleagues, and I enjoy that I have the chance to be a leader and also be mentored by others,” said Ashley.

I was fresh out of college and brand new to the state of Washington when Voxus hired me as an intern in 2016. I was pretty green in the world of tech PR at that time, too. Voxus didn’t just give me a job or an opportunity to break into the industry, they started investing in my professional potential from day one. Right out of the gate, I was paired with a dedicated mentor from the agency’s senior staff, and since then I’ve been empowered through the leadership and guidance of several experienced PR, marketing and creative pros here at Voxus. Today, I am a Program Executive at the agency, and I owe much of both my gratitude and growth as a leader to the mentors I’ve been lucky enough to find here and work with closely over the past few years,” said Robyn. 

Danielle added, “Voxus believes in its employees and doesn’t hesitate to put them in front of clients or new business prospects as Voxus representatives. Experiences like leading client meetings and participating in new business pitches has helped build my confidence over the two years I’ve been with Voxus and encouraged me to take on more responsibility.” 

The Importance of Women’s History Month 

Women’s History Month is a time for us to come together and celebrate all we have achieved, while still recognizing where we need to go. This month “is a time revel in learning about all manner of female history-makers, trailblazers and luminaries – from the big names to the unsung heroes – and gain a deeper knowledge of the female perspective on big movements throughout human history,” said Robyn. 

Today we’d like to Celebrate the Women of Voxus and all that they contribute to our agency. Thank you!