The HR community is full of amazingly talented individuals, and the podcast scene is a vibrant source for sharing expertise and talking about the latest trends in the space. With colorful hosts, some totally bad*ss names, and fun formats, the HR tech podcasting world is a shining example of inclusivity and passion. From the latest technologies helping people leaders drive hiring, cultural alignment, and recruiting, to serious conversations about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and bias, the following podcasts make my Top 10 HR Tech Podcasting list (in no particular order, and this list is not exhaustive).

  1. The Recruiting Daily Podcast with William Tincup – Recruiting Daily has several podcasts, but William Tincup’s podcast (I told you there would be bad*ss names) gives leaders at HR tech companies a chance to shine. If you’re wondering how the latest technology applies to recruiting professionals, these 30-minute podcasts offer a fanastic glimpse into the impact technology is having on the profession.
  2. HR Tech GTM with EJ Lawless – Yet another bad*ss host name. EJ is the head of performance marketing at and launched this new podcast last year. He’s passionate about the intersection of HR tech, the work place and go-to-market strategies. He’s had great discussions with guests about talent acquisition tools and software, the work revolution, building community and more.

  3. HR Famous with Madeline Laurano, Jessica Lee and Tim Sackett – This podcast feels like hanging out with old friends. While they don’t often have guests, the podcast tackles an eclectic range of topics that are not all HR (for example, they can be talking about ghosting new hires and then jump into what it’s like to hire reality TV stars). This mix is pure fun.

  4. HR Data Labs Podcast with Dave Turetsky & Dwight Brown – Looking for a more analytical conversation about the HR world? Well then this podcast is for you. The podcast combines HR tech experts, outsiders, and the latest people analytics trends to create some truly mindblowing conversations about solving real-work HR problems with data.

  5. Talent Brand Alliance Podcast – This podcast is hosted by a couple heavy hitters, Will Staney, CEO of Proactive Talent, and Bryan Chaney, director of employer brand at Indeed, and both are co-founders of the Talent Brand Alliance. Started three years ago, this podcast targets employer brand and talent acquisition professionals, and talks trends, technology and more. While they don’t host podcasts as regularly as others, their expertise makes these episodes a must listen.

  6. Career Crossroads with Jonathan Collaton – This podcast focuses on a career journey and the twists and turns with its guest. Want to be inspired? This podcast is a great listen to learn about the challenges today’s leaders have faced and how they perservered to overcome, and how they apply these career learnings to leading and finding great talent today.

  7. Inside Talent Podcast with Craig Fisher – This podcast looks inside the minds of a talent professional, behind the scenes of their day-to-day, and at some of the coolest tools and best practices across the industry. Hosted by Craig Fisher, the founder of TalentNet Media, he explores key topics for recruiters, dives into the challenges they face, and looks at what might be happening in the future. With guest people leaders from companies like Zapier, Facebook, Cisco and many more, if you want to hear from big-time leaders, this is must listen.

  8. At Work in America Podcast (by HR Happy Hour) – This podcast is hosted by Steve Boese and Trish Mcarlane Steed and has been running for more than 12 years! They feature business and HR leaders, academics, practitioners, consultants, and authors. The podcast digs behind the latest headlines and trends to highlight the stories of the people in the trenches doing the real work in HR.

  9. Good Morning HR with Mike Coffey – Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to hear business thought leaders talk about the strategic, psychological, legal, and practical implications of the latest HR tech, strategies and trends. And if you’re working to become a HRCI or SHRM-certified professional, listening gets you recertification credits.

  10. Talent Optimization Podcast with Traci Scherck – In this podcast Traci talks with CEOs and HR pros about bridging the gap between strategy and tactical implementation, and how that relates to ROI. If you want a weekly podcast, these short 30 minute discussions are a great way to start (or finish) your day.

It wouldn’t be a list without a bonus podcast. Looking for a truly unique podcast experience with no BS? Then the Chad and Cheese “Firing Squad” Podcast with hosts Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman is waiting to make you laugh and cringe. Equal parts intense, insightful, and sometimes cruel, these hosts take on the role of judge, jury and executioner when talking to leaders across the HR space. Enjoy.