It’s no secret that the tech industry is highly competitive. Every technology breakthrough leads to a flood of new players and established companies trying to catch the wave. With that comes similar messaging, marketing, and PR efforts amongst companies trying to, ironically, differentiate themselves in a crowded market. As an example, many companies have been riding the AI and GenAI hype trains, with CB Insights identifying almost 800 GenAI companies founded in the last few years alone. While trying to take advantage of the increased interest around a new technology isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s important to articulate clearly how and why you offer something unique or different to avoid having  your brand getting lost amidst the noise.  

As communication pros, we can be a guiding light for our clients and help them stand out in a crowded market. Through practices such as unique storytelling, leveraging thought leadership, and establishing strong relationships in media, we help our clients stand out above the rest. Let’s get into the details.

Create Unique Storytelling:

One of the best ways to stand out in this industry is to personalize the story of your company. Simply put, be genuine and don’t rely heavily on buzzwords. Don’t default to typical tech industry jargon by saying “we’re revolutionizing the tech landscape by harnessing our AI-driven, blockchain-enabled, cloud-native platform to drive dynamic KPIs, optimize scalability, and catalyze unprecedented growth in the ecosystem.” People see through that nonsense. They want to know your story. 

Instead, consider asking your CEO’s, SME’s, and other leaders in your company about their background. What companies were they at previously? Why did they leave? Why did they start the company? Why is the mission of your company important to them? From here, use the data you’ve collected to develop a storyline and talking points and share this amongst the company. Remember, good storytelling is heavily dependent on that human touch and connecting with people, not being buzzword soup.

Leverage Thought Leadership:

Every organization has talented and knowledgeable individuals. Don’t let this go to waste! Consider leveraging them for thought leadership opportunities within your industry. This could be through contributed articles, interviews with reporters, or podcast opportunities. The important thing is getting individuals from your organization into the public conversation, so people can connect the company with a person. Let the world see the faces behind your company logo.

This should go without saying, but don’t just throw them to the wolves. Be sure to establish with your thought leaders why your organization is special. Tell the story, establish the current problem, and dive into the details of how you are providing a unique solution. Don’t be afraid to explain the struggle and the triumphs. It’s about being real and showing why what you’re doing matters. That’s what people connect with.

Foster Strong Relationships in Media:

If you only reach out to reporters and analysts when you want them to cover your news, you’re doing it wrong. Whether it’s fostering relationships with journalists that are interested in telling your story or analysts that write about your sector, creating deeper connections is critical. Offer up your executives for an intro call, be the go-to resource in the industry and connect with reporters on a personal level (follow them on social media and comment on their posts, for example). Even if you don’t see an article immediately, the investment of your executives’ time will pay off in the long run. 

Analyst relationships are incredibly valuable and important in the tech industry, so make the time and be personable in your meetings. Let them know you’re willing to provide perspective on breaking news or other developments in the industry in addition to your own updates. Schedule bi-monthly meetings with analysts, offer up product demos, and be a resource for their research. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our blog on leading a stellar analyst relations briefing.

In an industry where every company is shouting to be heard, it’s the authentic stories and the organization’s that put in the work with their marketing and PR that truly stand out. By embracing genuine storytelling, leveraging thought leadership, and fostering strong media relationships, you can cut through the noise in a crowded market and make a lasting impact. Need help getting started? Let’s connect.