eBook Helps Double Monthly Leads

Voxus more than doubles company’s funnel of monthly qualified leads in just two weeks

Capture New Prospects to Help Boost Sales

The challenge: Accumula offers niche solution for retailers that are trying to unite online and in-store point of sale solutions, enabling its customers to offer a premium brand experience to shoppers. Following an initial video campaign that generated more than 110,000 video views, the company wanted to shift from raising general awareness to driving qualified sales leads. Voxus was asked to help create and execute a new eBook marketing campaign for Accumula.

Channeling Thought Leadership into a Visual eBook

The idea: Accumula helps smaller retailers deliver a premium-brand shopping experience. It does this by linking technologies that help streamline key processes around online and in-store systems. The company’s understanding of what it means to deliver this experience puts it in a unique thought-leadership position. Voxus felt it begged the question: what are the 5 things premium brands can teach the average small retailer about customer service? This question became the rallying cry and title of our next campaign which utilized an eBook as the main asset.

Accumula ebook marketing: social media Why an eBook? Voxus believed this medium would allow Accumula to educate in a fun, creative way, and provide an asset that could be reused throughout the year. An eBook is also considered a heavier asset, one worthy of requiring personal information via a from fill, which allowed us to capture qualified leads. Voxus created a custom landing page where prospects would be directed to provide basic personal information in order to complete the download. To drive traffic, the team created an email and blasted it to Accumula’s customer and prospect list. Voxus also conducted a highly targeted promoted social campaign on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Accumula eBook Marketing: cover

Accumula logo

Accumula makes in-store and online retail systems work together so customers can focus on building their business. The result? Less overhead, improved order workflow and happier customers.

The Leads Are Coming!

The results: The team worked to write and design a 15 page eBook that prospects could easily download by providing some very basic personal information. Download the eBook here.

  • 605,000+ social impressions
  • 2,650+ total clicks in social
  • More than 140 social shares
  • 970+ visits to the landing page
  • 51 new qualified leads
  • $4.67 average CPC

Accumula eBook Marketing: social media

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