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Connect over a glass of wine

The single most important conference for Internet security is hosted by industry giant RSA. To connect with, and engage partners and potential clients at an affordable scale, Voxus advised IID to focus on a tradeshow wine tasting party where participants had an opportunity to “share a little too much information,” network and relax away from the conference.

Add value to a winning social event

In past years, the wine event has simply presented great food paired with good wines in a friendly, low-key atmosphere. IID wanted to add messaging that supported their mission of encouraging better collaboration within the security ecosystem. We found a venue across the street from the conference in a strikingly modern building with dramatic white walls, ideal for video projection. But how to engage the party-going audience with a message of collaboration?

What’s on your mind

To seed a discussion on cyber threat sharing, Voxus produced a short video presenting the views of some of the world’s foremost cybersecurity experts about the importance of collaboration. Voxus secured, scheduled and coordinated the interviews. The day before the wine party, the experts were filmed and the resulting 6-minute video was presented less than 34 hours later.

The night of the party, IID team members welcomed party guests with a glass of premium California sparkling wine, served in front of a two-story video projection of the experts’ views on collaboration, stimulating conversation and setting the tone for the evening.

IID tradeshow sticker Weeks before, a single-purpose website was built to show how collaboration – the efforts of a group are greater than the combined efforts its individuals – could affect those at the party. As part of their welcome, guests were asked to answer “What word comes to mind when you think about collaboration” on a tablet screen. The question tied right in to the video playing on the wall—recognizable industry thought leaders talking about the same subject: the value of sharing. Once the entry was completed, the guest was offered an “I shared” sticker.

When the hundreds of guests proceeded to the wine tasting party in the upstairs gallery, a projection showed a dynamic word cloud made up of their answers, entered minutes ago.

Blended intelligence

The guest experience was crafted to intentionally flow from coat check, to champagne, to thought-leader video, to the word cloud displayed on the gallery wall. As they tasted eight examples of meritage-style wines (blended wines subliminally conjuring the sharing message), with paired hors d’oeuvres from one of San Francisco’s premier caterers, comments ranged from “very classy” to “well done.”

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Adding content to a social event

IID provides Internet infrastructure protection for large business and government organizations by encouraging and facilitating collaboration and connection through its unique platform for exchanging threat intelligence, ActiveTrust. When threat data is shared within a trusted community, participants are able to respond faster, more effectively and with better efficiency. IID publicly launched this new platform at the RSA cybersecurity conference in San Francisco, February 2014. The company wanted to demonstrate the power of collaboration to its key audience. Voxus brought the idea to life.

IID tradeshow word cloud

IID tradeshow lobby event

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