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Silicon Mechanics translates complex customer deployment into engaging video that drives new business

Make a complicated story exciting

The challenge: As a systems integrator, Silicon Mechanics does not engineer proprietary technology solutions. Instead, it evaluates the marketplace, understands technology trends and utilizes its deep experience in server and storage architecture to deliver comprehensive real-world systems. This model, while successful at delivering compelling solutions to customers, can present challenges when working to garner attention from the media. Not only can these deployments be perceived as complex, but often the system integrators’ role and value can be overlooked.

When  Silicon Mechanics demonstrated amazing ROI and success with a new technology deployment at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, the company wanted to share that information with the market to help differentiate it from the competition. Unfortunately, the company struggled to identify the best approach given the complexity of the storyline. Leadership looked to Voxus to help outline a campaign that could drive excitement and raise market awareness.

Watch and learn

Video can be the most powerful medium for telling a complex story. Voxus recommended producing a customer-facing video that embodied the company mantra “Expert Included.” The video could be used at tradeshows, with customers, with press and on the company’s social media channels to drive overall awareness.

Enjoy the show

The solution: Although video can be powerful, much of the content flooding the digital universe falls flat. For the Silicon Mechanics campaign to be successful, the video had to deliver high production value, be succinct, include powerful statistics, and position Silicon Mechanics as a thought-leader. Working closely with a production partner, Voxus proposed a five-minute film piece that introduced Silicon Mechanics and outlined the Fred Hutchinson project.

The final video included multiple interviews with the center’s research IT director and recognized HPC industry expert, Dirk Petersen. He provided compelling endorsements, such as saying the object storage system designed by Silicon Mechanics had “already saved Fred Hutchinson $700,000.” He highlighted the tune-ability of these solutions (or variety of options available), and discussed how Silicon Mechanics’ “Expert Included” model allowed Fred Hutchinson to create a powerful customized solution.

The results: Once completed, the video debuted at Bio-IT World 2015, an industry event where Silicon Mechanics, Peterson, and a third partner gave a joint presentation about the Fred Hutchinson installation. The video was a constant topic of conversation at Silicon Mechanics’ booth during the show and helped drive additional foot traffic. Watch the video

In addition, the company ran a weeklong campaign on social media that resulted in nearly 2,000 video views on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It also generated close to 300 click-backs to the company website and resulted in a supplemental blog post on the IT challenges healthcare organizations face in sequencing genomic data that generated 350+ views and 491 engagements on Linkedin.

The biggest success came in the form of a six-figure sale to the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, which directly attributed its interest to the Fred Hutchinson video.

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Silicon Mechanics succeeds with customer-facing video

Silicon Mechanics, Inc. is a leading provider of servers, storage and high-performance computing technologies to the world’s most innovative organizations. Since 2001 Silicon Mechanics has supported customers with its “Expert included” approach, reflecting the company’s passion for providing complete customer satisfaction and customer confidence in the return on their technology investments. Recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the greater Seattle technology corridor, Silicon Mechanics is changing the way systems providers engage with customers.

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