Top tier coverage drives music app downloads

8Stem acquires thousands of users in a matter of days

Generating media buzz for a new mobile music app

Today, media is bombarded with hundreds of new mobile apps daily, which can create a visibility problem for newcomers like 8Stem. Without visibility and downloads, a mobile music app – especially one with a social focus like 8Stem – can’t survive long. Making matters more complex, the music industry has been disrupted by the digital music revolution. As a result, music apps that have launched in the past few years have failed in gaining traction with media and fans. Case in point: Neil Young’s launch of the PONO Player at SXSW in 2014.

Targeting big hitters and posting on product hunt

For most app product launches, the PR agency rarely has an opportunity to provide feedback on design or UX. However, 8Stem was different. Its goal was to launch a great app and actively solicited the team’s input, which allowed Voxus to take even more ownership of the story. To rise above the noise, Voxus took a two-pronged approach to seeding that story. First, the team pitched a select group of influential music writers and tech writers, and gave them early access as beta testers to provide feedback. Second, the team posted the 8Stem app on’s main page on launch day and go social sharing buy-in from the Product Hunt team, 8Stem beta testers and artists featured on the platform.

8stem music app executives
Turning it up to eleven

8Stem debuted on launch day with a lot of buzz. The first tactic built trust with the writers, and as a result, their stories were rich and complimentary. In addition, the social media shares on each story were high, creating great brand awareness, and the usage of Product Hunt helped spark downloads.

8stem music app on your phone
  • 9 feature articles including Tech-Crunch, Billboard, Seattle Times, Mashable and Business Insider
  • Online readership of 287M, with 429,000 coverage views
  • 3,700+ article social media shares
  • 174 initial upvotes on Product Hunt
  • More than 450 downloads in the first couple days

Winning with press: 8stem music app: music remixed by you

“8Stem is an extremely slick mobile app for iOS that turns remixing into a simple drag and drop process.” – TechCrunch


8Stem is based in the music mecca of Seattle and has created a new digital music platform and format that allows users to remix and share music. Co-founded by music industry veteran Bruce Pavitt (founder of the iconic Sub Pop record label) and serial entrepreneur Adam Farish, 8Stem enables artists, labels and rights holders to derive revenue from the exploding interest in music remixes while giving music lovers an addictively fun, legal way to personalize and share versions of songs.

8stem music app on iphone screen

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