Airmule user base jumps with higher visibility

Airmule offers peer-to-peer express shipping, pays travelers to fly

Creating buzz around the ‘Uber’ of shipping apps

After Airmule announced the launch of its signature app, the first to connect shippers with travelers, the company wanted to promote the product to prospective users via local, national and international media. The company also needed to initiate another round of funding for continued development. Voxus was tasked with gaining 6-8 pieces of significant media coverage to elevate Airmule’s visibility, despite the fact that the app was still in beta and had been announced prior to outreach. The company faced another significant challenge: overcoming public fears of carrying a strange parcel onto an airline flight by explaining how the service works.

What if we could find reporters preparing to travel?

Voxus quickly solicited interest from bloggers and editors for business, tech and travel trade pubs to actually try the Airmule app. Two journalists did, in fact, have travel plans and agreed to demos using their actual trip details to see if a nearby shipper was requesting service.

airmule app launch: user Top tier media coverage, from Los Angeles Times to Lonely Planet

After helping Airmule overcome editorial skepticism, Voxus coordinated successful interviews that resulted in two dozen pieces of original coverage. Significant stories appeared in outlets such as the Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, Lonely Planet, Forbes, The Marketing Sage, and the Consumerist.

App downloads jump due to media coverage

According to Airmule, its user base more than doubled as a direct result of a broad swath of media coverage.


Airmule is a peer-to-peer express shipping platform that positions itself as the Airbnb or Uber of personalized package shipping. The company has users who are ‘shippers’ wanting to send a package to a particular destination, and ‘mules’ who carry the package as part of their luggage allowance (in the suitcase or as hand luggage depending on the fragility / size of the item(s)

airmule app launch: traveler

“I love traveling and am always up for adventure. Airmule enabled me to get to China, which I never thought I’d be able to do. Delivering the items was fairly easy, as some were for transfer and others just met me at a coffee shop near my hostel.” – David Knapp, Airmule subscriber

airmule app launch: phone interface

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