Beating the Hype with a Contrarian Strategy

What to do when the media gets inundated with everyone pitching the same story

The Low Code Hype Cycle 

WEBCON is a leading provider of business automation software. The company’s platform uses a low-code approach, allowing business and IT teams to quickly and visually build applications without the need to write code. As low-code became a popular topic with the media, we were able to ride the wave to build brand recognition. 

But sometimes a topic gets too popular. How do you continue to gain coverage when everyone is pitching the same story about X being the greatest thing since sliced bread?

The answer is to go contrarian, which is what Voxus helped WEBCON to do. 

Building Contrarian Stories

There are three main strategies for contrarian stories: 

    1. Explain why the popular wisdom is wrong
    2. Educate as to why there’s a big “but” that hasn’t been considered
    3. Convince readers the hype is old news and describe what’s next
Rising Above the Noise 

Over a twelve-month period, Voxus landed dozens of articles that shifted the story from low-code hype to contrarian angles, helping readers make sense of the news. Articles appeared in outlets such as Spiceworks, TechBeacon, Forbes, VentureBeat, SolutionsReview, App Developer Magazine, DevOps Digest, VMBlog, ChannelVision, ERP Today and many others. We were even able to help WEBCON commission a survey about enterprise low-code development trends – and spin the data to support the company’s storytelling to customers and channel partners. 

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