Building a Thought Leader

From columns to podcasts to speaking slots, Voxus raises profile of Bsquare’s Dave McCarthy

Leveraging a Subject Matter Expert

Bsquare is a leader in industrial IoT technology. To help raise overall brand and solution awareness, the company wanted to turn an executive into a recognizable thought leader in the IoT space. In 2018, Voxus was asked to design and execute a plan to achieve this goal using contributed content, commentary in industry news articles, speaker placements, and more.

The Mosaic of Thought Leadership

Dave McCarthy is a leading authority on industrial IoT. As a Vice President at Bsquare, he advises Fortune 1000 customers on how to integrate device and sensor data with enterprise systems to improve business outcomes. His 20 years of experience in software, embedded systems, and IoT is invaluable to the company, and it gives him the ability to address technology development, deployment challenges, and the rise and fall of digital trends. To capitalize on his knowledge base, Voxus captured a long list of topics and ideas he felt comfortable addressing in 2018.

Putting Topics Into Action

With a complete list of topics, the team then created a story calendar broken out by quarter that aligned with other product and marketing initiatives. The goal was to establish 2-3 ongoing columns in key publications (with other additional ad hoc contributions); secure speaking opportunities at 2-3 industry events, including one marquee event; and to identify additional opportunities such as personal awards or podcasts.

“Hey, I know you!”

By the end of 2018, Dave McCarthy had gone from the best kept secret at Bsquare to a thought leader who’s often called upon by press to provide expert commentary on IoT topics. He’s a monthly contributor to TechTarget, IoT Agenda, Network World, IoT Evolution World, and starting in January 2019, ReadWrite (all of which has culminated in close to 40 contributed articles). He’s also provided expert commentary for more than 50 news articles at publications including IoT Journal, Upside, Network World, Manufacturing Business Technology, RFID Journal, Industry Today, eWeek, GeekWire, Smart Industry, and many more. Furthermore, Dave was selected as a speaker for WCX SAE World Congress, the Reliability Conference, Predictive Analytics World, and the marquee event of Interop. He was also named runner up in the IoT World Series People’s Choice Awards and helped contribute to winning applications for Network Products Guide Awards, Stevie Awards, and Compass Intelligence Awards. Finally, Dave has participated in several industry podcasts including the Industrial IoT Spotlight Podcast.


For more than two decades, Bsquare has helped its customers extract business value from a broad array of physical assets by making them intelligent, connecting them, and using the data they generate to optimize business processes. Bsquare DataV software solutions can be deployed by a wide variety of enterprises to create business-focused Internet of Things (IoT) systems that more effectively monitor device data, automate processes, predict events, and produce better business outcomes.

Goal Highlights:
  • 2-3 ongoing columns
  • 1 marquee speaking event
  • Win a personal award
  • Secure a podcast
Result Highlights:
  • Monthly column in TechTarget, IoT Agenda, and Network World
  • Keynote at Interop
  • Silver in IoT World Series People’s choice Awards
  • Guest on the Industrial IoT Spotlight Podcast

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