Building Section into a Kubernetes Hosting Thought Leader

Using eBooks, blog posts, articles and podcasts, Voxus raises profile of Kubernetes hosting provider, Section

Leveraging content to build a thought leader

Section is a pioneer in distributed application and edge hosting, and over the past 12 months has leaned heavily into the Kubernetes space. As it made a series of strategic introductions building toward a clusterless service offering, it had to help DevOps teams understand how and why current cloud offerings weren’t adequate for the needs of modern containerized workloads. Voxus was asked to develop a plan to educate the market.

The company’s services make life easier for Kubernetes DevOps teams, and it needed to educate these prospects on best practices for moving containerized workloads to the global cloud.

To help raise overall brand and solution awareness, the company wanted to turn its executives into recognizable thought leaders in the edge computing and distributed hosting space. Voxus was asked to design and execute a plan to achieve this goal using eBooks, blog posts, contributed articles, podcasts, commentary in industry news articles, analyst briefings and more.

Reaching the right audience

Voxus recommended a two-prong approach to build thought leadership. The first part of the campaign was to develop content that could feed Section’s marketing and sales initiatives. The second phase was to get this content in front of potential customers and partners through a variety of channels including article placements and podcast appearances.

Anchors, posts and articles

Voxus started with a series of in-depth eBooks and case studies as anchor content, on average one per month, designed to help DevOps teams tackle multi-cluster deployments and streamline Kubernetes workflows. These eBooks fed supporting blog posts to create a call to action for lead generation. Topics were also repurposed for thought leadership articles in key publications and appearances on influential DevOps and Kubernetes podcasts. 

Kubernetes authority

Voxus produced seven eBooks and case studies along with well over 30 blog posts during a ten-month campaign for Section. Press coverage from those topics included over 40 articles in outlets like eWeek, TechBeacon, VMblog, The New Stack, SD Times, AIThority, DevOps Digest, SiliconANGLE, Enterprise Times and many others, along with podcasts like DevOps Paradox and Data on Kubernetes, and speaking placements at KubeCon. The traction so exceeded expectations that Section extended its relationship with Voxus in support of upcoming service offerings.

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Section’s sophisticated, distributed and “clusterless” hosting system intelligently and adaptively manages workloads around performance, reliability, compliance, cost and more to ensure applications run at the right place and time. The result is a simple experience for developers in distribution of applications across town or to the edge, using existing tools, workflows and familiar rules-based policies.