Women of Software Testing Rock

Leveraging a national theme to promote LogiGear’s top female software testers

Bringing successful women to the forefront

LogiGear, a leader in automated software testing, has an unusually high number of women in its ranks for a technology company, with many in managerial positions. Because LogiGear attributes much of its success and growth to this diversity in its pool of workers, it wanted to share stories about its top female software testers. To achieve this goal, Voxus developed a plan to gain media attention in key tech, DevOps and software testing outlets.

A month of celebration

For Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day in March, LogiGear was already championing diversity and  “prominent women in test” in its own LogiGear Magazine. However, this primarily focused on women at other companies and organizations. Voxus saw an opportunity to give the amazing women of LogiGear their due, and worked with key press outlets to share stories of success.

Making the case for female technologists

Starting in February, Voxus vetted and gathered details on several exceptional women at the company. Using that information, the team then crafted a narrative specific to DevOps and software testing press outlets. The goal was to either a) piggyback on planned stories highlighting women in March, or b) make a case for a new story focusing on powerful women in software test.

Continued thought leadership and perspective

Following a series of email interviews with journalists, three of LogiGear’s top female employees were featured in four publications: DevPro Journal, Software Business Growth, Women Who Test, and Digital Doughnut. These pieces highlighted how these women arrived in their roles, the challenges they’ve faced along the way, and their advice to the next generation of women in technology. The journalists were so impressed with the quality of insight they received from the women of LogiGear that each publication offered these women ongoing contributor columns.


LogiGear is a software testing company that has completed software testing projects for companies across a broad range of industries and technologies. With over two decades of researching, developing, and implementing leading practices, they have enabled clients to strengthen testing practices to increase test productivity and efficiency.

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