Maximizing Media Coverage with a Cybersecurity Threat Detection Data Report

Voxus Helps Gurucul Turn a Single Report into More Than 15 Pieces of Coverage

Leveraging unique market data to drive significant thought leadership

Gurucul is a threat detection and prevention cybersecurity vendor (offering SIEM, UEBA, XDR, etc.) that helps SOC teams tackle a variety of security challenges, including insider threats. Recently, the company commissioned a report from Cybersecurity Insiders to assess common insider threats and how organizations can best defend themselves. With report in hand, the company turned to Voxus to evangelize this new data to the broader cybersecurity market and drive thought leadership around the Gurucul brand.

Building a story that would resonate with press

Data by itself often doesn’t convey a clear story. To drive press interest, it’s crucial to build an insightful narrative, then validate the story with well-organized data points and assets. The team’s strategy for report messaging was three-pronged: First, they wanted a report that could be shared with press (the nitty gritty details). Second, they wanted a press release that summarized the most important data from the report (a mid-level asset). And finally, they wanted the headline stats that could be used in a press pitch (the teaser).

To compile this information, Voxus reviewed an early draft of the report and provided suggestions on how to best organize the data into a press-friendly format. Next, the team isolated the top 5-10 most interesting stats and wrote a press release that supported the desired overall messaging. And finally, they identified the biggest “wow” stats to use as a teaser in the press pitch. The goal was to drive coverage across a variety of press mediums, including online, podcasts, and bylined articles.

Attention grabbing stats are hard to ignore

Voxus builds compelling content and identifies attention-grabbing stats every day – it’s in our DNA. With the Gurucul report, after participating in the early stages of the production process, the team was able to ensure there were strong press storytelling angles built into the messaging. The next step was to generate coverage. The team built a list of security journalists and podcast hosts and began pre-pitching, offering a Gurucul executive as a resource to talk through the data before it became public. The team also drafted a contributed article and began to shop it to outlets. By initiating outreach well before releasing the research, Voxus was able to methodically generate interest across outlets.

Putting the insider threat experts in the spotlight

The coordinated report messaging and proactive pitching drove strong coverage across press with thirteen articles, two podcast appearances, two blog posts, and one contributed article, all in security and IT outlets that were important to Gurucul. This included BetaNews, Help Net Security, The CyberWire, MSSPAlert, Security Today, Security Info Watch, and many more. All coverage focused on how insider threats were becoming more common, and how most organizations had been hit with an attack recently.

One headline read “Insider Threat Becoming More Frequent and Harder to Detect.” This was a perfect messaging complement for Gurucul. The podcast appearances (including SecureTalk and Brilliant Security) enabled Gurucul to discuss its product offerings in depth, and talk more fully about its approach to threat detection. And finally, the contributed article allowed the team to dive deep on thought leadership around insider threats.

Gurucul is a global cyber security company that protects organization’s assets, data and information from insider and external threats both on-premises and in the cloud. Gurucul’s real-time Cloud-Native Security Analytics and Operations Platform provides customers with a Next Generation SIEM, UEBA, Open XDR and Identity & Access Analytics. It combines machine learning behavior profiling with predictive risk-scoring algorithms to predict, prevent, and detect security breaches.