Cloud Provider Product Launch

Harnessing the anticipatory build-up leading to a conference, Voxus secures media and analyst briefings for Streamlio’s new product before (and without the distractions of) the main event.

Getting Attention for a New Product

Streamlio, provider of an intelligent platform for fast data, wanted to raise awareness for its new product launch, Streamlio Cloud. The company was hoping to leverage the building anticipation before the Strata Data Conference to earn media clips, but was worried about being drowned out by the flood of news expected to coincide with the show. Voxus was asked to design and execute a plan that would harness the excitement of the show to earn pre-show media coverage and analyst attention leading up to the conference.

Offering Early, VIP Access

Conferences are synonymous with new product launches, creating lots of competition for article space and analyst calendar time. That’s why Voxus recommended that Streamlio launch its new product one week before Strata to avoid competing with their peers for influencer time and conference coverage.

“See you at the show”

In the month leading up to Strata, Voxus orchestrated a two-part pitching strategy to line up meetings with top analysts and journalists. First up, Voxus set up more than a dozen phone briefings with analysts from key firms such as 451 Group, IDC, Forrester and Gartner. Next, Voxus lined up phone and email interviews with fast data influencers from Dataversity, The Next Platform, RT Insights, ZDNet and more.

The 8 pre-show media clips Streamlio earned created a momentum that spilled over to the show, where multiple briefed contacts stopped by to continue the conversation in-person. As a result, four additional in-person media and analysts briefings took place at Strata, and two more were scheduled to take place after the conference.


Streamlio delivers the first intelligent platform for fast data, allowing organizations to readily build the data-driven applications they need to react to data as it arrives. Its platform is built on leading open source technologies for messaging, processing, and storage of streaming data that have been proven at scale in companies including Twitter and Yahoo! Founded by industry veterans and funded by Lightspeed Venture Partners, Streamlio helps organizations build the data-driven applications they need to react to data in real-time.

Goal Highlights:
  • 8 analyst briefings
  • 8 media clips
  • 2 in-person meetings at Strata
Result Highlights:
  • 16 analyst briefings
  • 8 media clips
  • 4 in-person meetings at Strata

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