Gameplanning to Score Coverage for Wallaroo.AI’s Detroit Lions Partnership

Targeted, quality coverage drives record site traffic and new business leads

Wallaroo Tackles New Market with Lions Partnership

Wallaroo.AI is a market leader in helping enterprises operationalize machine learning (ML) projects to drive business value. They make it easier for companies to deploy, observe, optimize, and scale ML in the cloud, decentralized networks and at the edge. Wallaroo asked Voxus to craft an outreach campaign to promote the company’s deal to become the official ML partner of the NFL’s Detroit Lions that would resonate with various audiences (business, tech, and sports media) and raise awareness of Wallaroo with other professional sports franchises.

Gameplan for Success

The Voxus strategy centered on highlighting how Wallaroo’s platform could deliver actionable, real-time business insights for the Lions (and by implication other sports teams). The outreach strategy included targeted messages for different audiences (sports business, sports media, and technology), supported by pre-announcement interviews with key Lions personnel and Wallaroo leadership.

Running Up the PR Scoreboard

The campaign succeeded in raising Wallaroo.AI’s media visibility, setting new highs for coverage for the company and driving record website traffic. The high-quality coverage also led directly to business inquiries from other professional sport franchises and potential technology/business partners.

Quality Coverage, Record Website Traffic Drive New Business Leads

The outreach campaign generated 12 unique articles in top-tier sports and business media, and the highest overall press coverage in Wallaroo’s history to that point. Highlights included Sports Pro MediaDetroit BusinessSports Business JournalStadium BusinessCrain’s Business.

The widespread coverage led to a surge in the company’s website traffic, doubling the spike around their series A announcement the previous year and exceeding 5x their normal traffic.

In addition, coverage from the PR campaign generated several inquiries from teams in other major sporting leagues including the Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association and the United Soccer League, as well as potential technology partners.

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Wallaroo.AI empowers enterprise AI teams to operationalize Machine Learning (ML) to drive positive outcomes with a software platform that enables deployment, observability, optimization and scalability of ML in the cloud, in decentralized networks, and at the edge. The unified Wallaroo.AI platform enables enterprise AI teams to easily deploy ML in seconds with no fuss or engineering overhead.