The Art of Data Storytelling

Voxus establishes WattBuy, an emerging energy intelligence service, as an industry leader in the market

Introducing WattBuy to the Market

WattBuy, an energy intelligence service, came to Voxus for help in positioning the company as an industry leader in enabling consumers to make smarter choices about electricity providers. Part of that vision was launching the first-ever database of U.S electricity costs. To achieve this, the company partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to automatically collect, maintain, and make public a searchable database of all electricity rates.

The Art of Data Storytelling

Initially, WattBuy partnered with NREL to capture data for just the 13 U.S. states where consumers are allowed to choose their electricity provider (so-called de-regulated markets). That data showed that the 60 million households in these states were overpaying by $10 billion annually. Recognizing that there was a larger need, WattBuy embarked on an expansion of the project to capture all electricity rates, with the findings to be rolled out nationwide. Voxus developed a strategic plan to promote the expanded project, one that focused on showing how nationwide data could provide insight and value for businesses (such as solar installers) and consumers alike.

Putting Data into Action

With the partnership established, our team set out to introduce WattBuy and secure national coverage, along with targeted promotion in the sustainability and energy sectors. Unfortunately, as a new company, WattBuy lacked recognition, making company credibility a primary challenge. Our strategy was to combine findings from the initial 13 state research phase with funding for the expansion to demonstrate the broader need and enthusiasm for these energy data insights. To add context, we tied the insights to the rise of distributed generation, home automation, and electric vehicles as critical drivers requiring timely, accurate information on electricity costs.

Strong Launch

After announcing the new partnership, WattBuy went from a little-known start up to a thought leader in the electricity and renewable energy space. The announcement was picked up by more than a dozen publications in the first week, and featured nationally in various business and technology publications including Bloomberg and GeekWire. We also secured traction in a wide range of energy and sustainability publications, including; PV Magazine, Electrek, Power Grid International, Solar Builder Magazine, Solar Power World, Energy Choice Matters, and LEED Points.


WattBuy makes taking charge of your electricity easy, transparent and trustworthy. The company’s personalized recommendation engine helps residents living in states with electricity choice save hundreds of dollars each year on their electricity bill by choosing a cheaper, greener electricity provider. Just search your address, compare plans, choose the one that’s right for you, and save money.

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