100% of reviewers said “Buy”

100% “Buy” recommendations from key influencers fuel sales for ZTE’s AT&T Velocity hotspot

Connectivity made easy

The challenge: When a soft launch of the AT&T VelocityTM in October 2014 yielded limited media coverage, ZTE asked for help with product review from Voxus. They asked for a campaign that would appeal to media outlets reaching families, travelers, small businesses and even enterprises, all within a tight three-month timeline.

The idea: Voxus proposed seeding Velocity units with a targeted group of publications and bloggers to create influencer product reviews for ZTE.

FOMO – the fear of missing out

Working closely the ZTE team, Voxus developed a strategic outreach to target publications including prominent family/travel influencers as well as traditional technology outlets. A timely and compelling narrative centered on “Family FOMO,” the fear of missing out, illustrated with a simple infographic. This concept resonates with families in need of connectivity, for everything from work obligations to social media, during the spring and summer travel season when connectivity is often a challenge.

Voxus delivered the influencer review program in waves, focusing first on family and travel media, and then broadening to traditional tech publications and niche blogs, with pitches designed specifically for each vertical. Units were activated and shipped in custom packaging to each influencer for plug and play testing.

The influencer product review program created wide coverage across family and travel blogs, technology outlets and broadcast media. The initial outreach cycles were so successful that ZTE supplied additional product for subsequent waves of review.

Key influencers said “Buy”

The goal was reviews from 20 key influencers and publications. In ninety days, the team placed devices with 30 reviewers, 150% of goal. Placement included CNET, re/code, Tech and Travel Mom, Family Circle, KING 5 (NBC), Digital Mom Blog, WIRED, Gear Live and Mobile Electronics. More than 50% published a favorable article, blog or review — with 100% recommending purchase of the AT&T Velocity hotspot.

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ZTE is a Top 5 telecommunications manufacturer with a wide range of mobile devices including mobile phones, tablets, mobile broadband modems and hotspots and family desktop integration terminals manufactured for more than 230 carriers and distributors in 160 countries and regions.

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