Increases website page views by 1100%

Reaching niche social communities

In-stream social selling tool needs support

The challenge: For some retailers, selling through social media can prove extremely lucrative. Unfortunately for others, this new in-stream social frontier falls outside their comfort zone of traditional ecommerce. But, Shoppost’s social commerce platform changes that with an application that allows users to easily share rich, interactive product listings directly in social media feeds. Consumers can interact with the post and complete the purchase from the comfort of their preferred social channel. But, with new technology comes new challenges, and Shoppost has struggled to get Internet retailers using ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Etsy and Shopify, to notice the application. To help drive trials (and website traffic) the company asked Voxus to design an ongoing campaign that would directly target retailers responsible for social selling in specific social communities.

A little education goes a long way.

The idea: For the Zantler Shoppost campaign, Voxus proposed a dedicated educational content campaign designed to familiarize the audience with new in-stream social selling technologies.

Change is good

The solution: In the campaign, Zantler and Voxus needed to establish Shoppost as a platform that Internet retailers could a) trust with their social commerce strategies, and b) see a direct impact to their bottom lines. Gaining that trust was key to trying the application. Shoppost needed to become the social commerce expert, and the Voxus team instituted a method for quickly creating and promoting content to support this initiative. This involved creating an editorial asset calendar for sharing educational materials, as well as spotlighting customers in weekly retail success stories via social channels. The team tracked traffic to select landing pages and measured the impact of increased emphasis on content using a robust analytics program based on Google Analytics.

More, more, more

The results: Voxus quickly helped generate new content and the team utilized a combination of organic and promoted spend to increase page views to the blog (a major source of educational materials) by more than 11x. It also increased traffic to key landing pages by 4x and the campaign generate hundreds of application downloads. On Facebook, a key site for the application, the team increased page likes by more than 10x.

The metrics
  • Increased blog views by 11x
  • Increased page views by 4x
  • Generated hundreds of new application trials and downloads
  • Increased Facebook page likes by 1000%

zantler logo

Sell where you share

Zantler is changing how retailers sell to consumers online. Its main product, Shoppost, enables retailers to create shareable, shoppable posts that perform as mini-storefronts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and blogs. Shoppost launched in June 2014, and is available for Etsy, Bigcommerce and Shopify merchants. Zantler is headquartered in Seattle.

Zantler campaign: customer spotlight

In the Zantler campaign, we worked to standardize the way to conducted customer spotlights. This made the process more efficient and allowed for us to spotlight more users and share more great stories.

Zantler campaign: infometrics

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