What is B2B Tech PR? Hear from a leading B2B Tech PR Agency on what makes a great program.

It takes skill to craft a message that not only differentiates your technology brand but is simple enough to resonate with your audience. That’s where B2B Tech PR comes in. Simply put, partnering with a B2B Tech PR Firm allows your brand to gain visibility through strategic messaging in an industry that can be fiercely competitive and often convoluted.

A solid B2B Tech PR partner can help increase brand and market awareness for your company by getting you in front of the right media targets. At Voxus, our teams work exclusively in the B2B technology space, allowing us to not only understand your technology, but also who and what will cover it. We have established and trusted media relationships, which means we do the heavy lifting when it comes to getting the attention of your target audience in verticals they’re already using.

So, you may be thinking… all that sounds great, but what exactly does partnering with a B2B Tech PR firm mean for my brand, and what can I expect? A good B2B Tech PR Agency will provide the following services:

Content: Content is king when it comes to any effective B2B Tech PR program. That’s why, at its core, Voxus PR is a team of storytellers that will help you uncover the narrative threads you didn’t even know you had and turn them into content you don’t have the time to create.

We’ll put you in the context of the major forces and trends shaping your industry. We’ll position your company and its leaders as thoughtful visionaries. We’ll spread the word about the momentum you’ve built with customers and partners. We’ll make your products look like the next big thing, so they can BE the next big thing.

Analyst Relations: Analysts have always been plugged into the latest and greatest when it comes to tech—they’re paid to be experts after all. But today, analysts are also influencers, which makes an analyst relations program vital to your overarching PR, marketing, and communications plans.

Analysts used to be pulled in by journalists to comment on topics for articles, but today, analysts are card-carrying journalists themselves. They write editorials and trend pieces, conduct reviews, and write opinions for leading publications. They’ve also mastered the power of social media, with many wielding large numbers of followers. They influence by commenting, sharing reports or editorials, nudging brands, participating in social media events, and more.

Because of all this, analyst relations can be an incredibly valuable part of any B2B Tech PR program. It can give your brand the opportunity to educate these experts about your products and services, as well as offer up a perspective on important trends and opportunities in the market.

Proactive Outreach: Contacts matter, and we’re good at building media relationships. But the reporter or publication covering your story may be gone tomorrow. That’s why we focus on ideas.

It’s harder than ever to get the attention of reporters and secure interviews. In fact, there’s now a premium on providing fully packaged story ideas to help alleviate some of the pain points on reporters. Which is why a good B2B Tech PR partner will do the heavy lifting and proactively pitch media on your behalf.

Measurement: Public relations has long been a core tactic for building brand awareness and thought leadership.

Yet there remains a persistent belief that because awareness is intangible, its impact is unmeasurable. As marketing teams continue to drive toward increasingly sophisticated methods for measuring business impact, it is critical that the tools and approaches to measuring PR adapt accordingly. That’s why we’re always implementing new ways to measure PR’s ability to increase website traffic, establish domain authority, drive engagement, and improve search results.

While the above elements are the foundation for any successful PR program, a good B2B Tech PR partner should offer all of this and more. Ready to get started? Let’s chat.

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