In a recent ClickZ article, marketing professional and contributing columnist Michael Della Penna reminisced about the dotcom boom of the late 90’s and how content was king. During his time at the tech powerhouse website ZDNet, customized content attracted tens of millions of visitors and dollars in advertising. Fast-forward 15 years later and not much has changed. Much like the late 1990’s, organizations are once again focused on content marketing to create individualized customer experiences across all of their marketing channels.

Creating a powerful content strategy to compete in today’s real-time multi-channel world can be difficult for some companies. This is usually the time when Voxus is often brought in to help define and execute a successful program.

Michael shared his top 10 tips to build a winning content marketing program. It’s alot to execute all at once. You should focus on three areas in the beginning:

  1. Set some goals– It’s one thing to say that you want to drive sales, customer retention and loyalty and quite another to pull it off.  You might choose one objective to start in conjunction with a basic measurement tactic such as a custom web page or email.
  2. Set budget/staff– In most smaller companies with limited budget and resources, the responsibility for content will be assigned to a few individuals.  Even so, look across the organization to leverage subject matter experts who enjoy talking shop and understand your audience and the value of quality content.
  3. Orchestrate and optimize– This is the best tactic to maximize content.  As an example, a positive feature article on your company or product can be posted to your blog and social media pages and also included in an email newsletter to customers and prospects.

As marketers, we all understand that a well-oiled content marketing program is a vital component for the long-term success of our companies.  Just getting started with an initial campaign will help teach you valuable lessons for future growth.