As a marketer, you’re inundated with information and always looking for something new that can help streamline workflow or unlock new ideas. Since I know you’re strapped for time, here are five quick social media tips that are worth a try:

Hashtags still matter. If you haven’t tried, you should. The free tools on this site allow you to enter your hashtag and instantly see the top related tags. Also, you can quickly hit the influencer tab and see the top influencers for that hashtag. Launching a new product? Play around with related hashtags and dig up some new influencers that could turn the tide for your campaign. Paid versions of the tools allow you to dive even deeper.

I’m sure you’ve heard of, which allows you to do a comprehensive topic search for everything on social. If you’re planning a campaign, for example in the security space, the analytics tool allows you to compare terms (like security visibility, security intelligence, threat intelligence), and can give you some great insight into how to best position your content for success (engagement). The more you know, right?

If Twitter Chats are your thing, or you want to try one, check out See the schedule of events based on a hashtag, or start your own and even brand a page for it. This is great source to review before you spend the time ramping up your own event — someone may have one worth piggybacking onto. If you want the low rent version, check out

Are you overactive on social media and just wish that, when you post on Facebook, it would automatically post on all your other sites? If so, you should try “If This, Then That.” This great little app allows you to set rules on your device, for example, if I post an image to Instagram, that image is automatically uploaded to Box and Twitter. But it goes even farther — you can see other folks’ “recipes” and do fun things like “when I arrive home, disarm my alarm.”

Need free and fast stock imagery or inspiration? Check out CompFight, a Flickr search tool. It’s fast, free and can accelerate social content creation. Finding the right image can take time, so anything to shorten that cycle is a win.