It’s no surprise that Facebook’s organic reach is declining. For one, there’s far more content out there than there is time to absorb it (Facebook reported that on average, 1,500 stories could appear in a user’s News Feed each time he or she logs onto Facebook). With fewer people seeing your content, you might notice your engagement is following down that same path of decline.

What to do? Video. I know, you’ve heard it before, but if you read on, I’ll outline a great example of the power of video on Facebook. Quickly, here’s my PSA for video on Facebook. You can’t afford not to do it. It can increase your organic reach and drive engagement. Not only is Facebook giving video a ton of exposure and ranking it higher in the News Feed right now, just last month Facebook reported in a strong set of Q4 earnings that it delivers 3 billion video views daily on its site. Enough said.

Okay, back to that example I mentioned earlier. We’ve helped one of our clients, WatchGuard Technologies, build a strong social media program that drives both awareness and leads. While we already leverage occasional videos for them on social, we wanted to amp it up in 2015. Therefore, we started a Daily Security Byte video – a short sub-two-minute clip that discusses the latest breaches and security threats of the day.

With so much going on in the security space each day, we wanted our director of security strategy and research at WatchGuard to distill the most important security snippet of the day into a short digestible video for our social audience. The videos live on Facebook, but are promoted on the other social platforms including Twitter and LinkedIn.

Simple, right? Effective? Absolutely! In just the first six weeks, our organic reach was more than 67,800 and we garnered 39,318 video views and 43,579 engagements (likes, shares or comments), on just Facebook alone!

watchguard-video You can check out one of our Daily Security Byte videos on the massive Anthem breach here. Or, just visit the site daily to get your security intel.