We hear you loud and clear Buzzfeed, listicles are here to stay.

Listicles have become a frequently used editorial format for many major publications as a way to comfort readers’ ever-fading attention spans. These easily digestible little nuggets of information have become something of a cultural phenomenon rather than a quickly fading trend. Whether perceived as the ideal way to consume information or as a quick “sugar high” between work emails, readers continue to share read, and link to listicles.

When appropriate, a PR professional should consider embracing a listicle approach when writing a blog post, creating social media content or even reaching out to press. Here are three things to keep in mind when creating a listicle (yes we created a listicle about listicles):

1. Short and sweet – Listicles are short for a reason. Keep your audience engaged with valuable, yet concise information. Too many rambling details could quickly turn off your readers.

2. Use imagery – Visual elements can be just as important as the content. To gather even more attention to your listicle, make sure to include some high quality images.

3. Keep it clever, keep it fun – No we’re not advising you to create a listicle full of cute cat GIFS, but the content should take a more relaxed or lighthearted approach.