I recently had the opportunity to speak with a very cool security company that was looking for a new PR firm. Toward the end of the conversation, they asked a very good question: “I went to your website and I don’t see a lot of coverage listed that you’ve secured for your clients. Can you share some recent coverage so we have a better understanding of your capabilities?” What a great question, and they were right, we don’t list coverage on our website (maybe we should), but we do try to post regularly to social media with our client wins (so be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter).

Given the amount of coverage we generate on a weekly basis for our clients, keeping the website up-to-date would be a job in itself. Instead, we sent the prospective client an email with a small sampling of some of the coverage in 2015 we’ve secured for our security-focused clients (keep in mind, this is less than half of the feature coverage secured). So, if you’ve ever wondered what some of our coverage looks like, now there’s a blog post on that. And we’ll try to do this quarterly and expand out beyond just our security clients (since this is just a small subset of our client base). Happy reading.

March 17, 2015
Premera Blue Cross Says Data Breach Could Affect 11 Million

Help Net Security
March 16, 2015
Information Security Innovation and Research

February 28, 2015
WatchGuard M500 Appliance Alleviates HTTPS Performance Woes

February 25, 2015
UTMs Power Security for Businesses

Dark Reading
February 19, 2015
Our Governments Are Making Us More Vulnerable

StateTech Magazine
January 14, 2015
WatchGuard Firebox T10 Offers Value

eSecurity Planet
January 7, 2015
9 Enterprise Security Trends for 2015

January 6, 2015
Be Wary of That Free Hotel & Restaurant WiFi

Network World
January 5, 2015
CheckPoint, WatchGuard Earn Top Spots in UTM Shootout

March 15, 2015
SOTI’s Two Decade EMM Journey

CIO Magazine
March 5, 2015
Android for Work Pushes Google Further Into Enterprise

March 2, 2015
Free Encrypted iPhone Comms and World First Private Tablet Unveiled

March 4, 2015
SOTI Upgrades MobileControl to Support Android

February 26, 2015
Google Faces Big Challenges as it Targets Mobile Workforce with Android

March 11, 2015
Security Experts Rap Clinton’s Email Practices

February 19, 2015
Complex Scams Target Mobile Banking

Website Magazine
February 16, 2015
Device Authentication to Stop Account Takeover

NBC News
February 14, 2015
Looking for Love Online? How to Avoid the Dating App Scammers

February 13, 2015
Seeking Love Online with an App?

February 13, 2015
Online Daters Emerge as Favorite Target for Scams

Forensics Magazine
February 12, 2015
Online Dating Extortion Scams Exposed

Portland Business Journal
February 12, 2015
Portland Security Software Firm Launches Device Authentication

Seattle Times
March 14, 2015
Let Tech Hubs Take Root Throughout Region

King 5 TV
March 12, 2015
Veterans Helping State Fight Cyber Security War

February 24, 2015
Tech Moves

Wall Street Journal
February 11, 2015
Cybersecurity Info Sharing Draws Many Players, Little Clarity

Cult of Mac
January 9, 2015
How Sloppy Security Exposed Apple’s Super-Secret Product Plans

Credit Union Magazine
February 27, 2015
Leverage the Experts to Prevent Security Breaches

Christian Science Monitor
February 16, 2015
Web Privacy is the Newest Luxury Item in Era of Pervasive Tracking

February 12, 2015
Bosses to Employees: Step Away from that Email

January 28, 2015
Break Out the Party Hats it’s Date Privacy Day

January 23, 2015
This week in credit card news: Making Your Debit Card Safer

Seattle Times
February 11, 2015
Fluke Networks gear sniffs out cell phones, drones and Glass

February 11, 2015
A six-pack of WLAN developments

February 13, 2015
Fluke AirMagnet Enterprise gets improved threat, cellular detection

Network World
February 16, 2015
Products of the Week

Dark Reading
February 20, 2015
Fluke Networks makes dynamic response to wireless threats