Technology conferences like Mobile World Congress, NAB and CES are just a few of the “must-attend” events for many tech-focused companies. If you are preparing for your first conference as a PR professional, here are a few helpful tips to follow to ensure you maximize your time and successfully support your client’s press meetings:

Herding is involved

Technology conferences can be exciting, busy and a tad overwhelming. It’s very easy for time to slip away from you and your spokesperson, so it’s your job to keep an eye on the clock and make sure that he/she is available and ready for each upcoming press meeting. A friendly reminder 10-15 minutes before the meeting begins is always helpful.

Late/cancelled meetings happen

Press are humans too…with packed schedules to boot. This can sometimes result in he/she running behind or forgetting about a meeting with your client. Don’t stress; instead, keep all contact info handy so that you can quickly send a reminder of the meeting or reschedule. If your client sees that you’re on top of it, they’ll know you did everything you possibly could to keep the meeting.

Briefing book = survival guide

A clean, yet detailed, briefing book will help you and your spokesperson stay organized, informed and punctual to all press meetings. The book should include information on each press contact, dates and times of each meeting, photos so that you can easily spot your contacts, talking points and any other important, need to know information. Always send the document to your spokesperson at least 48 hours before he or she leaves for the conference so that there is time to review. And don’t forget to print out multiple copies for yourself and for your client, because someone always loses a copy.

Slow and steady (and comfy) wins the race

Conferences are long and you’ll be on your feet all day. Keep in mind that this is a marathon so do not use up all your energy on the first day. Get lots of sleep, remember to eat, stay hydrated and seek out the most comfortable yet professional shoes you can find. You are useless to your client if you’re exhausted with swollen and blistered feet.