When writing this blog, I googled “Is PR Dead?” and was shocked to find so many articles claiming PR’s demise. But then, I googled “Why PR isn’t Dead,” and was amazed at how many articles claim it’s alive and well — phew, that was close.  So, after a little compare and contrast, I wanted to quickly share why PR is alive and well, and how it can deliver tremendous value to your business.

Businesses consistently turn to online social media outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc., to get the word out about their company news. Each medium offers a unique way to create a positive brand and reputation, but without a PR team giving it that extra push, word often won’t spread far. Companies considering “do-it-yourself” PR are assuming that recognition will come from top-tier publications as a byproduct of social media or a general blast. I hate to bust your bubble. Given the amount of content being pushed into the market, being noticed has become harder and harder. Can you afford that gamble? If not, you need a PR advocate.

Over the years, entire swaths of the internet have become a PR platform. For businesses in need of publicity, it can be tricky knowing which medium to use for specific campaigns and what content will be most effective. At Voxus, we tailor content every day to various platforms and specific audiences. Whether we’re writing a press release or tweets, we’re proficient at ensuring a message resonates positively with the target audience.

One of PR’s primary responsibilities is ensuring companies receive much needed news coverage. This is accomplished by leveraging ongoing relationships with journalists and targeting relevant media outlets. Through our approach, Voxus has been able to land clients in top-tier publications such as Forbes, Fortune, New York Times, USA TODAY, The Wall Street Journal and many, many more.

To put it simply, PR is proactive. Instead of waiting to be discovered, PR teams create the news. We drive desirable local and national coverage that companies may not know how to secure for themselves. How will a business get in touch with these journalists, you ask? Answer: a PR firm that has working relationships with notable reporters. For this reason, a PR strategy and years of experience with the broad media landscape are critical.

It’s simple logic. PR isn’t dead, and it’s actually growing. The reason businesses should not go it alone is because it takes a powerful message and the necessary relationships to be successful at it. Who knows all facets of all these components better than a PR team? No one, that’s who.

After all, former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates once said, “If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR.”